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Tennis Training Programs

Tennis Training Programs

phentermine and xanax combination Tennis, unlike many sports, demands several different types of strength. Proper development of each of these types of strength means each particular one needs to be isolated and specifically trained for, not thrown into an “all-in-one” training program. This is called periodization training. Something many typical or “off the shelf” programs will not even brush upon. Even then, what many fail to realize is the determining factor of the timing of these different training periods.

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phentermine synonyms It is not the program itself, but rather the athlete’s specific and individual schedule in regards to early, on, off, and tournament season. Proper training of each of these specific areas during their appropriate time will significantly improve:

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  • Power in serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, etc..
  • Greater speed, burst, and acceleration to improve court mobility. .
  • Improve muscular endurance for exertion during rallies.
  • Reduction of possibility for injuries, especially due to muscle over-use and imbalances.
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