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Intermediate Programs


Intermediate Programs

carisoprodol precio en mexico Plateaus are a natural part of any training regimen, and surpassing them can seem impossible. Larry Scott Athletics has designed their intermediate program to surpass plateaus and elevate your fitness to new heights. Through the emphasis of compound movements and targeting of problem areas Larry Scott’s intermediate program integrates advanced techniques such as drop sets, negatives and super sets into the athlete’s routine to provide the variation necessary for continual improvement in both physique and fitness.

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phentermine vs adderall ingredients The intermediate program also provides detailed dietary consultation to ensure your goals become a reality.

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  • target trouble spots.
  • 1/2 hour consultation (brief but detailed phone consultation...perfect if you are looking to change trainers and try something new. Also perfect for those not sure which program or which direction is right for them and need an initial guiding point).
  • education on increasing intensity...drop/strip sets, negatives, rest/pause, super sets, etc.
  • tips on cardio (best time, duration).
  • 4 day programs.
  • getting past sticking points.
  • food combinations.
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