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Competition Prep


Competition Prep

shooting up phentermine Pre-contest preparation is one of the most significant and important factors in determining how well you do at a show. I’ve learned time and time again that you may have the best physique out there, but if your dieting, colouring, and presentation aren’t spot on, you can be sure it won’t be you taking that first place trophy. Based on over 20 years of competitive experience, this program targets various issues including proper salt and water intake, insulin management, the necessity of cheat meals and adequate nutrient intake.

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Drink Soma Reviews This program features individually catered exercise routines, supplemental and dietary regimens, cardiovascular training and posing preparation. This dynamic program is regularly updated and modified leading up to the competition to maximize the athlete’s physique and ensure unprecedented results.

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  • pre-contest preparation.
  • personalized cardio program. .
  • check-ins every 1-2 weeks - modifications and updates posing technique and refinement.
  • 20 week contest preparation (all workouts, all diet changes, proper supplementation, and regular physique assessments).
  • importance of salt/ friend or worst enemy.
  • learn to peak at the right time.
  • importance of cheat meals/days.
  • looking like a professional at your first show.
  • tan correctly.
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