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Your Invitation to a Better Life! Larry Scott Athletics, will help you attain your fitness goals through specialized fitness programs, customized to an individual athlete's needs. We train athletes in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, York Region, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. With three levels of fitness programs as well as sport specific and nutrition programs, we can help you train more efficiently and get the results you want. If your fitness goal is to look your best for an upcoming event, score the winning touchdown or step on stage for a fitness & bodybuilding competition, Larry Scott Athletics has your fitness solution for a better life!
Customized Fitness Programs Larry Scott Athletics will help you train to be your best. We offer a wide range of fitness programs from Beginner to Advanced. There are specialized programs to help you prepare for a Fitness or Bodybuilding show focusing on the minute details of proper diet and perfecting training.

Online Fitness Training is very popular for clients with busy schedules. We also offer 1 on 1 Training to focus on specific needs. Bootcamp is a great way to get motivated and see how far you can push yourself. Larry Scott Athletics has your fitness solution for a better life!  
Sport Specific Training Larry Scott Athletics offers Sport Specific Training to help you excel at your chosen discipline.

We can help you jump higher, run quicker, throw farther, skate faster, hit harder. We will focus on your goals.  Our specialized training programs cover many sports including Football, Basketball, Martial Arts, Soccer, Golf, Tennis and everything in between. We have a fitness and training solution for your sport!
Nutrition Larry Scott Athletics offers Nutrition and Supplement advice and recommendations.

Everyone's needs are different. That's why we take a specialized approach looking at the individual client's nutrition requirements. You may need more Protein, Vitamin C, be in need of Joint Repair or even as simple as being told to "eat your broccoli". We also offer Nutritional and Supplement advice to Special Needs clients with crohn's, colitis, leaky gut, diabetes, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, hypoglycemia and other ailments. Larry Scott Athletics has your Nutrition and Supplement solution for a better life!
Seminars for Schools and Business Larry Scott Athletics offers School Seminars and Business Seminars on topics ranging from fitness to nutrition.

We can provide informative seminars covering a vast array of topics. Are you looking to reduce anxiety/stress, lower cholesterol, improve memory or boost your immune system. We also offer School Seminars and provide answers to all questions: from "How do I get big muscles? " to "How do I lose bodyfat? " Larry Scott Athletics has the School and Business Seminars for fitness and nutrition that will help you lead a more productive healthier life!

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Fitness Programs

From beginner to intermediate on to professional level fitness programs. Take your body to new levels of fitness.

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Sport Specific Training

With our help you can reach your true potential in your area of sport. From Soccer to Martial Arts and every sport in between.

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Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Food nourishes the body and gives us energy. Healthy eating is fundamental to good health and is key in healthy human development.

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Specialized Training for You!

Larry Scott Athletics offers specialized training to optimize each of our clients' individual needs. We start with one of our three main categories and customize as needed.

Main Content 0 Beginner Programs

We'll get you started properly, focusing on the basics of proper form, setting up a training program...
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Main Content 1 Intermediate Programs

We'll help you progress in your fitness training with a detailed consultation and get you past those sticking points...
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Main Content 2 Advanced Programs

Perfect your fitness levels with personalized check-ins every 1-2 weeks. We'll perfect your nutrition and supplement program...
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Client Testimonials

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Contest Preparation

Figure, Fitness, Bodybuilding and Bikini

We can help your prepare and be your best in each contest you enter.

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About Larry Scott

Larry Scott's experience and certifications in personal training, fitness consulting and nutrition

Larry has trained many people including lawyers, doctors, athletes, actors and moms-to-be. He brings his passion for wanting to educate his clients.

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